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Dental Treatment

Children in park smiling for camera.Our approach to dental treatment in children is conservative. If very small cavities are found on an exam or an x-ray, we sometimes recommend monitoring them or placing Silver Diamine Fluoride, while emphasizing good home care techniques and diet modifications to prevent very small cavities from increasing in size. If dental treatment is necessary, we are skilled in performing a variety of dental procedures to meet your child's dental needs, including sealants, white and silver fillings, root canals on baby teeth, crowns, and extractions. It is our goal for your child to have a positive experience, and we do our best to ensure their comfort during dental treatment. Depending on your child's age, extent of dental needs, and level of anxiety, we may recommend nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to help decrease your child's anxiety during dental treatment. In very young children, children with special needs, or when extensive dental treatment is required, we may recommend general anesthesia administered in our office by an anesthesiologist or at Emanuel Hospital to complete the dental treatment.
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