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Arrest Silver Diamine Fluoride

A block of Fluorine explaining its configurationFluoride is a mineral compound that has proven to effectively reduce instances of tooth decay. Sometimes, it can even reverse minor cases of damage. Fluoride works by supplementing minerals that are lost during the process of demineralization. These minerals help to harden the enamel, which prevents dissolution during the next demineralization phase. At Pediatric Dentistry of Portland, we offer another form of topical fluoride treatment, known as Arrest silver diamine fluoride. This medication has changed the way we treat dental caries (cavities) and sensitive teeth!

What is Arrest Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride is a topical medication used to treat and prevent cavities while relieving hypersensitivity issues. In fact, this medication had been used around the world for many decades as a treatment for dental hypersensitivity. We offer Arrest silver diamine fluoride 38% because it provides the protection you deserve. Advantage Arrest is an FDA regulated prescription medication, which means it is only available for purchase and administration by a licensed professional. Silver diamine fluoride is a clear liquid that may cause stains if it is not properly administered.

What Does Arrest Silver Diamine Fluoride Do?

Arrest silver diamine fluoride is used to accomplish a few different goals, some of which include:
•  The elimination of pathogenic organisms like harmful bacteria
•  The strengthening of soft dentin and enamel, making it more resistant to acid and abrasions
•  The staining of potential or hidden lesions to diagnose instances of decay
•  Provide immediate relief from severe hypersensitivity issues

Sound and healthy tooth material will not be stained by arrest silver diamine fluoride. This is incredibly useful for diagnostic reasons. It can help us more efficiently target areas that need treatment. Upon application, a layer of silver protein conjugate will form on the decayed surfaces. The silver helps increase resistance to acids and microbial, while the fluoride acts to remineralize weak areas of the tooth.

Before the application of Arrest silver diamine fluoride, we will isolate the tooth that is in need of treatment. We may also isolate the surrounding structures as it can stain soft tissues too. Next, we will carefully administer the medication. You should experience immediate relief from any sensitivity issues. For the best results, we may recommend multiple treatments. The standard regimen is two applications.

A Step Above Regular Fluoride Treatment

Regular fluoride treatment does not provide relief for sensitivity issues; it merely strengthens enamel. Arrest silver diamine fluoride does both, which is why it offers superior protection. The treatment is minimally invasive and effective for both children and adults. Although this sounds like a magical product, Arrest silver diamine fluoride may not be suitable for everyone. We cannot use the material if you have any oral ulcerations, stomatitis, or ulcerative gingivitis. We need to be practical and careful when using this medication. Talk with one of the doctors at Pediatric Dentistry of Portland to find out if silver diamine fluoride is right for you.

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When used properly, the potential for silver diamine fluoride is extremely encouraging. If you would like to learn more call (503) 284-5678 and schedule an appointment now.

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