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Your Child's First Dental Visit

Pediatric dentistry of portland office.During your child's first visit to our office, you may have some questions to ask us. We are happy to answer your questions at any time. Many parents ask us the following questions. We hope these answers will be helpful to you and to your child.

How may I best prepare my child if this is his/her first visit and what is the procedure at this visit?

You can prepare your youngster for his/her first visit to the dentist in several ways. Try to act relaxed and at ease. Children may sense a parent's anxiety. Tell your child that we will "count" and "take pictures" of his/her teeth. Do not use any fear-provoking words, such as "hurt," "drill," "pull," or "needle." Avoid statements like the "doctor will not hurt you." (If someone says to you, "Don't think of a banana," what is the first thing you think of? A banana! It's the same with the word "hurt.")

We will thoroughly explain each of our procedures to your child in terms of that he/she can understand. Be assured that we will treat your children as caringly as we treat our own.

A boy doing thumbs upAt this first visit, we will emphasize oral hygiene techniques to be practiced by both you and your child. We will answer any questions you may have. Depending on your child's age, comfort, and level of cooperation, we may do a cleaning and a fluoride treatment. We will perform a full examination of the teeth and gums and we will also evaluate their bite.

X-rays will be taken as necessary to ensure a thorough and comprehensive examination. Subsequent appointments for any necessary dental treatment will be scheduled as needed. When dental treatment has been completed, your child will be placed on a periodic exam schedule and you will receive a reminder card when a visit is due.

At the conclusion of your child's exam, the doctor will meet with you to explain her findings and recommend a course of treatment, if necessary. Before you leave the office, our financial secretary will discuss fees and payment options. Your goals as a parent and our goals as dentists are the same - to keep your child's teeth and mouth in good health and to make that process pleasant for everyone.

What is your philosophy of treatment?

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Our emphasis is on prevention, both in the dental office and at home. We recommend regular periodic exams and cleanings, and thorough home care routines. Home care includes limiting sweets, brushing two times a day, flossing at least once a day, and sometimes a topical application of fluoride. Because the primary teeth form the basis of the adult dentition, we will do everything possible to preserve the integrity of your child's dentition while fostering a healthy and relaxed attitude toward dental care.

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